Honduras “Has it rained today?”

So Honduras was really cool! We had no idea what we were going to be doing, but God had a plan. I definitely learned to be really flexible in the plan too. We mainly did manual labor such as painting and shoveling. It was really cool for me because most of the mission trips I have been on have been evangelistic. I really enjoyed being able to be physically used for the Lord as well! The people here are so encouraging. Our driver Leo was amazing. He has such a heart for the Lord and the ministry (Heart to Honduras). Everyday he had so much joy and was always cracking jokes. It kept our team really relaxed I think at times. 1 Peter 3:15-16 was true for me in Honduras as well. I had prepared a sermon for Uganda and I ended up not being able to share it. When we got to Honduras I found out I might could share it there, but the night before I was going to share I found out I wouldn’t be able to because we didn’t have a translator. The next morning though, when we arrived at church, I found out that the pastor did want me to preach. So in that moment I just had to give it to the Lord because I was really nervous an didn’t have a lot of time to prepare or look back over it like I wanted before I preached. It was neat though because God provided a translator for me who was a teacher in the town. He showed me that no matter what we have planned I always need to be ready to give a reason that I am serving Him, and share His word!

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