Uganda love the women!

So we are in Uganda now!! It’s a really cool ministry. We have been helping women who have been taken out of the sex trade make necklaces. Sarita created the necklace business to help the women find a way to support themselves so they don’t fall back into the sex trade. The cool thing is that the necklaces are sold in America so you can help support the women and the ministry by buying one!! The website is I encourage you to check it out! The ministry also has a home for younger girls in school whose parents have left them or can’t afford them. Some of them have even been sexually abused. We have been able to show them Godly love and encourage them as well!! It’s really neat to see the Lord using people’s different talents on this trip! Such as, Luke and I were able to use our past sheet metal work to help close in a outside kitchen they have!! It’s all because of Gods grace that we are able to be here and be used by God to love on the women.

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