Hey everyone! We are now in India and its such a blessing. The children just want you to love on them. They don’t care what we do with them, they’re perfectly happy just sitting with us and resting. Especially when it is really hot outside. I met a man named Matthew who works at the orphanage and he owns a motorcycle. He taught Brian how to ride the motorcycle and then let me ride it after Brian was done. It’s so cool to see how they’re are just open to us with everything that they have. Even they’re cherished items. The children are so willing to serve us as well. I tried to sweep the prayer room for them and the owner got one of the girls to do it for us. She wouldn’t let me have to broom even when I basically begged her for it haha. It is really cool to see that they are willing to serve us even though we are there to love them and serve them!!! 

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